Tips for Travel Nurses in South Carolina

1. Learn about your community. When you have just relocated it’s important to familiarize yourself with the details of your environment, it will help you get around and settle in more easily.

Visit South Carolina
Check out travel tips, discover adventure and find entertainment.
Best Places:
Learn about South Carolina’s community profiles.
South Carolina Cities
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Driving in South Carolina
Find driving directions and keep up to date on traffic alerts throughout the state.

2. Prepare Your Documents
As a travel nurse you need to keep your paperwork organized. Keep important documents together and keep copies of all the documents you send to your recruitment agency. Your recruiter will provide you with appropriate forms and will help you complete them. The recruiter will also help you get your license and locate any classes that you need to complete. A good relationship with your recruiter is vital so maintain regular communication.

3. Comprehending your Assignment

As you are getting ready to sign your contract, make sure that you have prepared the right questions so you are aware of all the details:

4. Enjoy your Free Time

South Carolina is loaded with fun things to see and do, both indoors and outdoors. Choose from fine dining, history and tradition, arts and culture, beaches or deep forests, South Carolina has it all! Here are links to some helpful sites:

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City Data: Details every city in South Carolina.

5. Get Ready For the Holidays
It’s important to consider where you want to be during the holidays. Do you want to be near your family over the Christmas period? Do you want to be near friends over summer? These conditions can be negotiated when you are seeking the perfect assignment.

6. Stay Positive
Maintain a positive outlook throughout your travel nursing assignment. As part of an important medical team you need to stay flexible and show willingness to you work. This will ensure you make the most of your travel nursing experience.